OSTIM Technical University, at the center of the defense industry

OSTİM Technical University Rector Prof. Dr. Murat Yülek talks about the university to Defensehere.

Emphasizing that the university stands out especially in the defense industry sector, Yülek said:

OSTİM University is located in the middle of both civil and military industries in terms of place and mentality. Our university is highly involved with technology, and both the defense and military industry.

As you know, technologies such as imaging, chemicals, materials are common to both defense and civil industries. Therefore, when we consider all these intertwined transitions, OSTİM Technical University is at the center of both defense and civil industry.

We have departments, where technologies used more in the defense industry are taught.

In the meantime, among the departments of our 2-year vocational school, there are departments where the basic branches of the defense industry such as machinery, electricity, electronics, mechatronics, as well as very specific technologies such as hybrid vehicles or unmanned aerial vehicles are taught.

Nearly ten departments are doing training and research in military fields.

Our university is very ambitious in the field of artificial intelligence. Let me say that artificial intelligence is like a cousin of big data, its application is mostly in civilian areas, but our university is also quite ambitious there. When these departments include sections such as unmanned aerial vehicles that are directly in the military field, our similar department conducts training and research in military fields.

As a university located at the very center of the defense industry, location wise and mentality wise, we invite you all to our university, for the sack of your future and our country’s future. We are an industrial university and we are at the heart of the defense industry.



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