OTOKAR exhibited its tracked armored vehicle TULPAR in Egypt

At the International Defense Industry Fair EDEX 2023 held in Cairo, Egypt, on December 4-7, OTOKAR exhibited its tracked armored vehicle TULPAR with its 30mm MIZRAK turret system.

OTOKAR, whose more than 30 thousand military vehicles are used in more than 40 countries on 5 continents, has attracted great attention in Egypt with its TULPAR vehicle, which the company brings to the fore in exports. Military delegations from Egypt and other countries who came to the OTOKAR booth received information about the vehicle from the authorities.


There is also the amphibious armored tracked vehicle version of Tulpar, Tulpar-S, which can meet the needs of different countries in terms of both technique, capability and cost.

With its high lethality, modular structure and growth potential, Tulpar has been developed as a multi-purpose platform that can be created in different configurations to meet current and future operational requirements.

With its modular structure, Tulpar allows the integration of manned or unmanned weapon systems, mortar and air defense systems, allowing different vehicle configurations to operate with common subsystems.


MIZRAK-30 is an unmanned turret system, designed for armoured vehicles, controlled by the gunner and the commander located inside the vehicle. It is fitted with 30 mm dual-feed automatic main gun and 7,62 mm co-axial machine gun.

MIZRAK-30 can fire all type of 30X173 mm NATO ammunitions including armour piercing and high explosive ammunitions. Weapon system can be reloaded under armour protection.

OTOKAR exhibited its tracked armored vehicle TULPAR in Egypt

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