PBS TS100 engine is a part of the development of a completely new hybrid propulsion system

PBS Velka Bites, a globally recognized hi-tech manufacturer of turbine power units and components for the aerospace industry, has supplied the PBS TS100 turboshaft engine to the Korean Aerospace Research Institute (KARI) for the development of a completely new hybrid propulsion system.

Representatives of the KARI visited PBS Velka Bites at the end of October for technical discussions, participated in the handover of the PBS TS100 engine, and attended a number of simulations and tests of the PBS TS100 turboshaft engine.

The development project of the new propulsion system is scheduled for a six-year period. A functional prototype should be available after three years. The resulting propulsion system is destined to be used in both the civilian and military sectors.

The Korean Aerospace Research Institute (KARI), established in 1989, is the aeronautics and space agency of South Korea.

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