Qualification tests continue on Turkey's PARS IV combat vehicle

Qualification tests are continuing on the PARS IV 6x6 Special Operations Vehicle designed by leading Turkish combat vehicle manufacturer FNSS, the Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB) said late Friday.

PARS IV 6x6, part of the Mine Protected Vehicles (MKKA) project, has the highest protection level in its class, a tweet from SSB noted.

The tweet also added that it was “designed as a vehicle that goes beyond existing vehicles, with effective protection against improvised explosive devices (IED) and with a survivability infrastructure including high mine and ballistic protection along with the latest technology mission equipment.”

It will be delivered to the security forces later this year. The initial delivery of the PARS IVs is expected to be made to the Special Forces, while, according to open sources, 6x6 and 8x8 variants will be delivered to different units of the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) and security forces.

The PARS IV 6x6 belongs to the tactical wheeled armored vehicles product family of FNSS.

FNSS, which not only produces tracked and wheeled armored vehicles for the TSK but also exports several types of products abroad, secured 105th place with TL 1.97 billion on the “Top 500 Industrial Enterprises of Turkey 2019” list.

The company has delivered over 4,000 armored combat vehicles to its customers, according to the latest available data in 2020.

Source: daily sabah

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