Raytheon's concept for Special Mission Aircraft

Delivering Actionable Intelligence

Now more than ever, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance play a critical role in providing military and civilian leaders the information they need to make the right decisions in near real-time.

The global threat environment is complex: cutting through clutter and making sense of thousands of data points requires an evolved special mission aircraft with multiple-intelligence capabilities at its core.

Multiple Intelligence Capability

Raytheon’s approach offers multiple modes of intelligence collection and analysis, or Multi-INT, including combined intelligence, multiple views, and layered surveillance and reconnaissance imagery. The data is distributed through secure data links to ground stations and networked platforms, making near real-time actionable intelligence available to multiple users.

Customized Global Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Solutions

The capabilities provided in our Customized Global Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, or ISR, packages fully support C5ITM, RSTA, ISR&T and ISTAR mission requirements. Raytheon’s proven sensors offer multiple capabilities—synthetic aperture radar, ground moving target indicator, electro-optical and infrared—to scan large geographic areas and provide decision makers with high-resolution imagery and data in near real-time. We integrate these capabilities with airborne signal intelligence sensors, multi-INT ground systems and sensors from a diverse set of suppliers to deliver best-value ISR capabilities to our customers.

Smarter Decision-Making

Every special mission aircraft operator needs a reliable mission systems solution. OverseerTM, a next-generation, open-architecture sensor management system is built on Raytheon’s unmatched expertise in sensors, communications and multiple platform integration. Overseer provides overarching situational awareness and data visualization from all sensors, giving the operator the ability to correlate data and overlay information on a single map.

Proven End-to-End Experience

Our exportable technology includes radars and integrated sensor suites in use today on numerous military platforms around the world. Our broad-ranging experience includes a variety of special mission aircraft; key unmanned aerial systems including Predator, Reaper and Global Hawk; the P-8A Poseidon multi-mission aircraft; and the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet, which delivers non-traditional ISR mission support.

Special Mission Aircraft


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