REPKON DEFENCE introduces a new 40 mm Automatic Grenade Launcher

Repkon Defence introduced a new product today named RDS40-AGL, a 40 mm Automatic Grenade Launcher.

The 40 mm Automatic Grenade Launcher RDS40-AGL developed by Repkon Defence has important differences compared to equivalent 40 mm automatic grenade launchers in Turkish Armed Forces inventory. According to Repkon Defence these changes were made with the end operator in mind to improve field use.

Here are the changes according to Repkon Defence:

Mechanical Sight / Sight Assembly Changes

The mechanical sights of the 40 mm automatic grenade launchers in the inventory of Turkish Armed Forces consist of too many parts. With the vibration that occurs during the operation of the gun, parts such as pins and screws that make up the sight assembly are displaced and lost over time. As a result of incorrect use, deformation and loss of function occur in the parts.

Repkon Defence's newly designed mechanical sight assembly uses fewer parts. With the design change, both loss of parts and deformation as a result of vibration or misuse are prevented.

Changes in the Feeder Adjustment by the User

The feeding time adjustment made during the production phase of the weapons needs to be re-adjusted over time. The most important symptom that shows that the time setting should be checked and re-adjusted, especially in serial shots, frequently experiencing jams, the problem of not being able to properly drive the ammunition into the barrel chamber.

Correction of the user level recharge time setting cannot be performed on existing weapons currently in use. In order to adjust the feeding time, the guns are directed either to the maintenance centers or to the higher-level main maintenance factory commands.

With the design change made by Repkon Defense to the automatic grenade launcher, the user will be able to easily adjust the time setting up to 5 mm, this way the weapon will be used more effectively in the field.

Changes Made to Prevent Error in Ammunition Placement

Mistakes made while placing the ammunition on the firing bed cause damage especially to the feed group parts of the gun and the part of the arm that drives the bomb. Errors caused by incorrect ammunition placement, especially in weapon systems such as SARP, cause much more damage to the weapon.

In order to minimize user error, Repkon Defense's product includes images of SUITABLE and INCORRECT ammunition placement have been added in the TOP COVER piece. These images are painted in colors to attract the attention of the user.

Lever, Secondary Drive Positioning Warning

One of the most common mistakes made by users is incorrect positioning of the arm that drives the bomb and trying to install the weapon. If the part of the arm that drives the bomb is positioned incorrectly on the weapon system (SARP), the top cover is closed and the system is started, all parts of the feed group, the transmission arm part, the vertical curved arm part are damaged. All settings of the gun are corrupted and jams are often experienced.

With the Repkon Defense's design these issues have been addressed.

Improvement to Keep the Top Cover Piece Stable in the Open Position

When the top cover of the grenade launchers currently in use are opened, it can be closed with a light wind if it is not held by hand. While ammunition is being placed, if the top cover changes from open position to closed position, it harms the hand. In a very windy environment, the force of the cover will increase even more and it may cause serious harm to the user. However, holding the gun cover by one person eliminates the situation of the other person loading ammunition. In addition, the top cover can be closed lightly with the spring mechanism.

Grips, Trigger Piece, and Safety Latch Improvements

The shape of the handles on the command grip assembly of the weapon has been improved to suit the hand structure. With the feeling in the grip, the user's sense of control over the weapon has also been increased.

By changing the trigger form, both the fingers are provided to apply pressure to more areas and the finger is prevented from slipping over the trigger with the grooved caterpillar form on the trigger.

With the improvement made in the safety latch, the grip of the latch is relieved and ease of use is provided

Repkon Defence RDS40-AGL : 40 mm Automatic Grenade Launcher

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