RTX’s Collins Aerospace to expand carbon brake production

Collins Aerospace, a business under RTX, has announced a $200 million investment aimed at expanding manufacturing operations at its carbon brake production facility in Spokane, Washington, the company said in a press release Tuesday.

This initiative will unfold over several years. The company intends to enlarge the site by over 50%, incorporating an extra 70,000 square feet of manufacturing space, which may include up to three new buildings and additional furnaces.

This expansion is geared towards bolstering production capacity to accommodate the rising demand for carbon brakes from both commercial and military clients.

Matt Maurer, vice president and general manager for Landing Systems at Collins Aerospace said, “Collins Aerospace is a key contributor to the Pacific Northwest aerospace manufacturing industry and plays a significant role in Spokane's economy and technological innovation.”

“This expansion will enhance both our manufacturing capacity and capabilities with the latest in process innovation and efficiencies while ensuring our workforce readiness to meet the growing global demand for our carbon brakes,” he said.

The facility specializes in producing and manufacturing braking systems utilizing DURACARB carbon disk technology, known for its extended brake lifespan and cost-effectiveness. Carbon brakes offer exceptional durability and can withstand high temperatures with ease.

“We are excited to see Collins select Washington state for this expansion of high-tech manufacturing,” said Washington Governor Jay Inslee.

“These new jobs will add to a growing aerospace sector in Spokane County, and the state has committed to partnering on further efforts that ensure the county can offer companies a world-class aerospace workforce and positive business environment,” Inslee said.

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