Saab's Chief Test Pilot Marcus Wandt joins space mission

Marcus Wandt, who served as Saab's Chief Test Pilot, also took part in the commercial mission to the International Space Station held on Thursday evening, January 18.

On the ISS, Marcus Wandt will conduct research on weightlessness and contribute to understanding how humans can live and work beyond Earth.

“This is a significant and major event for both Sweden and Saab; space is becoming an increasingly important area for Sweden and our defense capabilities. Saab's focus on innovation and advanced technology means that we are now contributing to important research and development in the field of space. We are proud that one of our employees is now the third Swede in space, and we look forward to following his work," says Micael Johansson, President and CEO of Saab.

Saab is one of the co-financiers of the project.

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