SSB releases a video on Turkish defense industry agenda for 01 - 07 February

The Presidency of Turkish defence Industries (SSB) released a video on twitter summarizing the Turkish defense industry's agenda for the week between 01 - 07 February 2020.

In the video shared by SSB, came the following: 

ROKETSAN delivered MAM-L Mini Smart Ammunition to Turkish security forces.

It has been announced that structural improvements of F-16 Blok 30 aircraft continue.

New deliveries of HGK-82 guidance kits were made.

ASELSAN reaches 3 thousandth production in Sarp Weapon System.

Katmerciler, one of the armored land vehicle manufacturers of the Turkish defense industry, achieved new export success with Hızır, Ateş and Khan.

MSB provided "Air Defense Weapon Systems Training" to 20 personnel from the Libyan Armed Forces.

The Defense Industry Presidency published the third part of the "Defense Industry Heroes" animated film series (Nuri Demirağ)

President of Defense Industry İsmail Demir announced that the deliveries of KAPLAN and PARS STAs continue within the scope of the Weapon Carrier Vehicles Project.

Turkey's first National Critical Infrastructure Test Bed Center opened in Sakarya University.

TEKNOFEST 2021 introductory meeting was held.

Domestic missile ATMACA successfully destroyed the target after being fired from the TCG Kınalıada ship.

First batch of Mechanical Minesweeping Equipment (MEMATT) developed by ASFAT reached Azerbaijan / Baku.

Turkish defense industries released a video on Turkish defense industry agenda 01 - 07 February

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