SSI: Turkish exporters' association marks 10th anniversary

Established in 2011, Turkey’s Defence and Aerospace Industry Exporters' Association (SSI) has reached over 1,000 member companies over the last decade. 

SSI chairman of the board of directors Abdullah Naki Polat said “together we are strong” and shared the following message for the 10th anniversary of the association:

“We are leaving ten years behind in the march that we started with 60 companies a decade ago to put our industry among the leading countries of the world and to increase our exports with our domestic and national products with the goal of full independence.

Today, with the support and outstanding efforts of our members and Defence Industries Presidency, we have brought our country to a level in demand, preferred and recommended all over the world.

In the beginning, our goal was to represent the entire industry. Today, we have brought our industry together with 1,100 members, and together we have achieved great power. We increased our exports from $800 million to $3 billion. Targeting to reach new markets, we are exporting to 170 countries today.

Over the last decade, we have not limited ourselves to ammunition, parts and equipment; we exported platforms such as ships, helicopters, armored vehicles, simulators, rocket and missile systems, drones and armed unmanned aerial vehicles. Adding value to our exports, we increased the $/kilogram rate by 20% to $60/kilogram, well above the national average.”



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