T129 ATAK deliveries continue

Deliveries of the attack and tactical reconnaissance helicopter T129 ATAK PHASE-II produced by Turkish Aerospace continues.

The head of Turkey's Defense Industries Presidency announced that one more helicopter was delivered to the Turkish Gendarmerie General Command.

“We continue our efforts to meet the helicopter needs of our security forces,” Ismail Demir said on Twitter.

“…for our independence and future,” he added.

The number of ATAK helicopters delivered by Turkish Aerospace to the security forces so far has reached 66.

The company defines T129 ATAK as the most effective attack helicopter in its class worldwide, and describes it as follows:

“Optimized for heavy weapon loads and challenging ‘hot temperature-high altitude’ missions, T129 ATAK Helicopter has been developed by national means and capabilities to meet the Turkish Armed Forces’ attack helicopter needs, and the delivered helicopters effectively perform missions during the operations of the Turkish Armed Forces with high maneuverability and performance in night and day conditions.”

T129 ATAK Helicopters will be delivered including 91 helicopters in total to the Turkish Land Forces and 27 helicopters in total to the Ministry of Interior including.

The company will also deliver 30 helicopters to the Pakistan Air Forces and 6 helicopters to the Philippines Air Forces.  

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