TASS: Sukhoi, MiG to account for 10% of global fighter jet market in 2021-2025

Combat jets of Russia’s Sukhoi and MiG enterprises will account for 10% of the global fighter jet market in 2021-2025, the Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine said in its forecast.

According to the survey, obtained by TASS, the global fighter jet market is estimated at $162.6 billion in 2021-2025. Sukhoi will account for 9% of it ($15.2 billion), while MiG will have 1% ($2.1 billion).

Sukhoi will be in the top three of the world’s biggest fighter aircraft makers, after Boeing with 10% ($16.4 billion) and Lockheed Martin with 48% ($77.8 billion).

In 2021-2025, Sukhoi is expected to produce 218 fighter jets, which is 11% of global fighter jet production. MiG is expected to manufacture 43 aircraft (2%).

The magazine also included the Su-35 fighter jet into its list of most notable combat jets in 2021-2025.

Military transport sector

In its survey of the military transport plane industry, the magazine said Russian aircraft maker Ilyushin would produce 12% of all such planes on the global market in 2021-2025.

According to the Aviation Week & Space Technology, Ilyushin will manufacture 69 military transport planes in the reported period. It will be fourth in the list of the world’s biggest transport aircraft makers, after Boeing (88 planes or 15%), Airbus (99 planes or 17%) and Lockheed Martin (127 planes or 21%).

Source: TASS

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