The 4th international congress of the Islamic union of ASSAM kicks off today touching on 'Defence system of ASRICA Confederatio'

The Justice Defenders Strategic Studies Center (ASSAM) in cooperation with Üsküdar University, the Association of Justice Defenders (ASDER) and the Islamic World NGOs Association (IDSB) launched today the fourth international congress of the Islamic union of ASSAM under the topic of Establishment of Joint Defence System Procedures and Principles for the Islamic Union, Defence system of ASRICA Confederation.

Taking into consideration all necessary covid-19 measures, this year's edition of the International ASSAM Islamic Union Congress will be held today, December 12, 2020, online using teleconference.

The language of the congress will be in Turkish, English and Arabic and there will be a simultaneous translation in the presentation of the notifications.

Congress Date and Venue:

12 December 2020, Saturday

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Üsküdar TV (Turkish):
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