The Thai Navy receives a new military ship

According to Navy Recognition China recently launched a new ship it had built for the Thai Navy.

At the Chinese Hudong Zhonghua shipyard, a new Type-071E landing ship, intended for the Thai Navy, was recently launched into the waters.

The website indicated that Thailand had contracted with China to develop this ship in 2019 to be an upgraded version of the Type-071 ships operating in the Chinese Navy, and indicated that China currently owns 6 ships of this type and is seeking to develop two other ships of this type.

The Type-071 ship can carry 800 soldiers with their full military equipment. It is also equipped with platforms to carry two helicopters, in addition to 4 attack boats. It can also carry 20 vehicles, such as infantry armored vehicles and light tanks.

Each ship is 210 meters long, 28 meters wide, and can travel at a speed of 25 knots. It is armed with a 76mm AK-176 gun and 4 AK-630 30mm heavy machine guns. 

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