Turaç's 9x19 mm pistol ammunition went on sale

The 9x19 mm pistol ammunition produced by the Sterling brand, which is part of Turaç Foreign Trade Company, went on sale on the website of Luger FMJ, Machinery and Chemical Industry (MKE AŞ).

The 9x19mm Luger FMJ is also frequently used in training shooting.

The ammunition, which is produced with 4.4 SP capsules and steel sleeves, weighs 115 G (7.5 Grams).

With a maximum pressure of 2350 bar, the Luger FMJ reaches the target with an average speed of 335-10 m/s.

Turac Foreign Trade

Continuing its production activities in its factory in Çankırı, Turaç produces and sells small arms ammunition in the field of defense industry, especially in the hunting and shooting sector.

The company started its production life with 15 different product types and continues with more than 120 types of products today.


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