Turkey's first flying car Cezeri to carry passengers by 2030

In an interview with Defensehere, Ozan Yağcı the project manager of Baykar Defense's Cezeri Flying Car project, spoke about the latest developments of the Cezeri project and the upcoming stages.

Yağcı, gave the following information on the different stages of the project:

“As you know, Cezeri is not a product of today. It is more of a vision project for us. It is a product developed for the urban air transport concept that we plan to encounter in the future. Our plan is to produce more advanced prototypes in the near future.

We will be producing a one, two and four-seater versions of the Cezeri flying car. Our vision is for Cezeri to be used for sports and touristic purposes in the next 3-5 years. Our ultimate goal is seeing Cezeri flying alongside other flying cars for personal and public transportation purposes in the next 10-20 years.

Such projects, especially future-oriented projects, go through 3 stages. We are currently in the concept verification stage, after which we will move on with producing prototypes suitable for mass production. We are actually learning a lot now in the concept verification stage; such as whether such a thing is possible or not, whether building such an aircraft is possible or not, and we go through a series of trial and error processes which we add to our Organizational memory. Therefore, we are currently in the concept verification phase. Our next step producing a prototype suitable for mass production, then mass production will take place.

We are currently making some improvements in terms of engineering. At this stage, we will produce a one-seater prototype and, with the information we gather throughout the process we will be producing a more advanced two and four-seater prototypes that are more like an end-user product. Therefore, we can say that there will be more than one version of Cezeri.”

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