Turkey’s CTech produces LoS communication terminals for drones

CTech Information Technologies, a Turkish Aerospace subsidiary, produces high-quality line of sight (LoS) communication terminals to be used in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

The company’s general manager Dr. Cuneyd Firat told DefenseHere.com that the LoS communication terminal can be operated in both C-band or Ku-band, depends on the users’ preference. 

“This is wideband communication,” said first. “So, you may do more than 20-megabit-traffic through this terminal.”

“And the range is 200-kilometer plus,” he said, explaining that users have the range capacity of 200 kilometers at least, depending on the weather conditions.

Firat noted that in case of good weather, the range might extend to 300-350 kilometers away as well. 

He also added that CTech communication terminals are all military graded and airborne qualified products. 

Founded in 2005, CTech Information Technologies operates in defense, aerospace and satellite technologies, communication systems, cyber security, modeling and simulation.

The company’s “UFUK” product is intended to meet the LoS data communication requirements of UAVs. The product consists of all the required components to establish a secure and robust data link for the most severe operating environments and conditions.


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