Turkey's defense industry agenda Sept. 27 - Oct. 3, 2021

The new rotary-wing mini ammunition drop drone developed by STM Defense Technologies, BOYGA, has successfully hit the test target with 81 mm mortar ammunition of Turkey’s Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation, MKE. 

One more ATAK Phase II Helicopter was delivered to the Turkish Gendarmerie General Command. The number of ATAK Helicopters delivered by Turkish Aerospace to the Turkish security forces so far has reached 66.

HAVELSAN’s sub-cloud autonomous vertical take-off and landing UAV, BAHA, has successfully completed its first field test.  

The test fire video of the laser-guided mini-missile METE, which is being developed by ROKETSAN, has been released.

All tests of the first of 122 patrol boats to be produced by Ares Shipyard for Turkey’s coast guard and law enforcement forces have been completed.

The Retinar PTR-X Radar, manufactured by Meteksan Defence, is integrated with the hidden weapon turret developed by UNIDEF. In the test fire, the system successfully hit the moving target. 

Turkey’s land systems manufacturer OTOKAR and the European leading robotics and autonomous systems developer Milrem Robotics signed a teaming agreement to merge know-how and resources for autonomy development and application for unmanned and robotic operations of military vehicles. 

Turkish defense company ARMELSAN announced that the factory acceptance tests of the “Diver Detection Sonar ARAS 2023” developed with domestic and national resources have been successfully completed.

Ismail Demir, the head of Turkey's Defense Industries Presidency, and the accompanying Turkish defense industry delegation visited the Iraqi capital Baghdad. 

The supply contract of shipboard helicopter landing system allows the helicopters to land on the ship and be taken to the hangar was signed by STM and ALTINAY for a Turkish Navy frigate, TCG Istanbul.

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