Turkey's first domestic armed drone system Songar

Turkey's first domestically produced armed drone system Songar, developed by ASISGUARD, was introduced for the first time at the 14th International Defense Industry Fair (IDEF 2019).

After successfully completing shooting tests in November 2019, Songar entered the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces.

Songar, which was exported to an African country at SAHA EXPO 2021, attracted attention from many countries.

Songar armed drone system

Songar has the capability of firing on single or auto with its machine gun mounted on a stabilization system. The system can broadcast real-time video and operate within a mission radius of up to 5 kms. The drone can also perform tasks autonomously.

Apart from the machine gun, different useful loads can also be integrated into the Songar.

You can find more information about the drone here: SONGAR

Turkey's first domestic armed drone system Songar

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