Turkish ASISGUARD integrates a multitude of weapon systems to its drone

ASISGUARD General Manager Mustafa Barış Düzgün talked to defensehere.com about the new weapon systems integrated to its armed drone system, SONGAR. He also said that they developed SONGAR's weapon systems with the collaboration of AKDAŞ, TÜBİTAK SAGE, MKE and TÜBİTAK BİLGEM.

"2 years ago, in IDEF, we announced this system just with the rifle. It was with the 5.56 mm cartridge. Now we developed more payload [for the drone].

For example, it has four grenade launchers and an optional payload for 6 grenade 40mm launcher.

Also, we integrated an MPT-55 to the system. So, we are capable of integrating different 5.56 mm caliber rifles into the system.

One more payload we are developing with TUBITAK BILGEM is a high-power laser system. Also, we developed unguided missiles with Troy company.

You can also see another payload called TOGAN, it is a product of TUBITAK-SAGE, which is also integrated into our SONGAR system. So, if you get one SONGAR you will have these payload capabilities." Mr. Düzgün stated.


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