Turkish missiles gather in one system

ROKETSAN has created a highly deterrent, nationally produced weapon system capable of countering different types of threats by integrating its domestically developed missiles into one weapon system.

According to the information obtained by the AA correspondent, the Turkish defense industry continues its efforts to increase the operational capabilities of the country's security forces.

ROKETSAN who has been integrating medium-range anti-tank weapon system (OMTAS) missiles on the new generation tank destroyer, the Kaplan, the delivery of which is ongoing as part of the country's weapon carrier vehicles project that aims to increase the firepower of the land elements of the TSK, undertook a new project.

ROKETSAN, which carries out the Pedestal Mounted CIRIT (PMC) Project with FNSS, the manufacturer of Kaplan vehicles, has developed the Yalman Weapon System, which has a wide range of weapon combinations.

The system will be able to operate with Roketsan products such as OMTAS, long-range anti-tank missile (UMTAS), laser-guided long-range anti-tank missile (LUMTAS), and CIRIT laser guided missiles. The weapons combination can be adjusted according to various requirements.

The Yalman Weapon System was showcased with one UMTAS, one LUMTAS, and four CIRIT missiles during the inauguration ceremony for Roketsan’s Space Technologies and Advanced Technologies Research Center and Explosive Chemicals Raw Material Manufacturing Plant.

The system will be able to detect, track, and recognize targets from 8 kilometers away.


Tanks are to be upgraded


Research into T1 additional armor, which combines reactive and passive protection for vehicles, has been carried out by the Roketsan Ballistic Protection Center for a while.

With the additions to the tank's existing armor system, resistance to anti-tank missiles have been increased.

The technology display tank on which the changes have been applied, was also exhibited at the ceremony.

Although the weight of the tank increased from 55 tons to 62 tons with the added armor, obstacle overcoming and mobility tests in the field were successful. It was proved that despite the increased weight, there were no losses to operational power.

The new armor can protect against all known anti-tank missiles and rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) threats in regions where the TSK is actively in operation. This level of protection was tested in field in Şereflikoçhisar using the demonstration tank and was accepted.

The deliveries of Leopard 2A4 tanks with the upgraded protection level, are planned to kickoff with two tanks in October-November. In the first phase, 40 tanks are expected to be upgraded.


Sungur deliveries on the doors


The Roketsan-developed air defense system Sungur, with an 8-kilometer range that can fire up to an altitude of over 4 kilometers, is also expected to enter into the inventory soon.

Sungur is aimed to be delivered over the year with two versions, one to be integrated on vehicles and one in man-portable air defense systems form.


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