Turkish torpedoes entrusted to HAVELSAN's technology

HAVELSAN developed Torpedo Test Set in order to ensure that the torpedoes and shells work in the best possible way.

HAVELSAN won the "innovative product" award in the "large company" category with its Torpedo Test Set (TTSET) product at the 20th Innovation and Creativity Awards organized by the Turkish Electronics Industrialists' Association (TESID).

The Torpedo Test Set with its software and hardware units was designed and produced for real-time simulation of lightweight torpedoes (Lightweight Torpedo) used in surface military platforms.

Developed by engineers working at HAVELSAN Naval Combat Management Technologies Center, TTSET was requested within the scope of the MİLGEM 5th Ship Project and has been started to be used by the Naval Forces Research Center Command. The product, whose design, development and production processes were carried out successfully despite the Covid-19 outbreak, was delivered to the Naval Forces.

TTSET, which can work in harmony with old and new torpedo systems, can be used in surface and air vehicles with light torpedoes.

Turkish torpedoes are entrusted to HAVELSAN's Torpedo Test Set technology

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