Ukraine and Turkey will jointly develop space industry

In a statement posted by the Service of the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine on 18 September 2020, came the following:

Ukrainian and Turkish space industries will deepen cooperation to create joint programs in the space industry. The ways of development of this project became the main topic at the meeting of Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, Minister for Strategic Industries of Ukraine Oleh Uruskyy with the official delegation of the Republic of Turkey headed by Chairman of the National Space Agency of Turkey Serdar Hüseyin Yıldırım.

This joint project will significantly deepen cooperation between Ukraine and Turkey in the space industry, and is the first step in implementing the agreements reached during the visit of the Ukrainian delegation to Turkey in late August, when Oleh Uruskyy met with the President of the Republic of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and other high-ranking officials of this country.

The Turkish delegation has recently got acquainted with the capabilities of the main enterprises of the State Space Agency of Ukraine, visiting the Pivdenne Design Bureau and Pivdenny Machine-Building Plant in Dnipro. Therefore, during the meeting, which took place on September 16, the parties had an opportunity to discuss in detail the real ways to unite the efforts of Ukraine and Turkey in the development and production of space technology.

Given the scale of these strategic objectives, the combination of scientific and industrial bases of our countries, which will include effective solutions and promising developments, high-tech industry and digital technologies, perennial experience and unique competencies, will allow the countries to implement this project in the future.

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