Ukraine based AvtoKrAZ to supply the US Army with heavy-duty vehicles

According to a press release by the Ukraine based automobile manufacturer, AvtoKrAZ, the company has signed a three-year contract for the supply of KrAZ heavy-duty vehicles and spares for the needs of the United States (USA) Army Contracting Command (ACC).

The fleet will consist of vehicles with 4x4 wheel formula including on-board and non-board cars as well as tankers for transporting water and fuel.

The agreement has been assigned by US21 Inc. (Fairfax, Virginia, USA) which regularly supplies the Government, the Department of Defense and other US government agencies.

This prestigious agreement once again proves AvtoKrAZ is a leading global manufacturer of heavy-duty vehicles and is a reliable partner. "We are extremely proud that we are able to contribute to the development of the US Army's international security program with our products," the company added.

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