Ukraine unveils upgraded version of Soviet-era Shturm-S tank destroyer

Ukrainian defense manufacturer, Luch Design Bureau, which is located in Kyiv introduced its upgraded version of the Soviet-era Shturm-S self-propelled anti-tank guided missile system on Tuesday at the Arms and Security exhibition.

The new missile system called the Barrier-S and armed with a semi-automatic command to line-of-sight anti-tank missiles. It offers a high rate of fire, a range of 6 km, and is protected against electronic countermeasures.

The improved combat vehicle is intended to destroy modern main battle tanks, light armored vehicles, small ships, low-flying aerial targets.

The basic Barrier-S guided weapon system components include a combat vehicle, anti-tank guided missiles (RK-2P, RK-2POF), modern guidance system on a gyro-stabilized platform.

Luch says the new combat vehicle is intended to destroy primarily modern armored targets with combined, carried or monolithic armor especially with explosive reactive armor (ERA). Barrier-S has already attracted the interest of the Ukrainian military and a number of potential buyers who are now using old Soviet equipment.

Source: Defence Blog

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