US approves sale of Javelin anti-tank systems to Georgia

The US State Department has signed off on a proposed sale of shoulder-fired Javelin missiles to the Republic of Georgia, the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) said on Tuesday.

"The Government of Georgia has requested to buy eighty-two (82) Javelin FGM-148 Missiles; and forty-six (46) Javelin Command Launch Units (CLU)," DSCA said in a press release. "The estimated total cost is $30 million."

The proposed sale will improve Georgia’s capability to meet current and future threats by increasing its anti-armor capacity, the release said.

In the past, the US has also sold Javelins to Ukraine and Poland.

Javelin is a guided munition that can be carried and launched by a single person, day or night in any weather. The fire-and-forget technology allows the gunner to fire and immediately take cover, move to another fighting position or reload, the US Army explains in one website.

Source: Sputnik

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