US Army invests $756 million in Lockheed Martin for hypersonic weapon support

The US Army awarded Lockheed Martin a substantial $756 million contract Friday for Ground Support Equipment (GSE), according to the company.

"Today the US Army awarded Lockheed Martin a $756 million contract to deliver additional capability for the nation’s ground-based hypersonic weapon system, the Long Range Hypersonic Weapon (LRHW)," the aerospace and defense company said in a statement.

US defense has taken a significant step forward in advancing its Long Range Hypersonic Weapon (LRHW) program with the crucial contract for GSE, enabling testing and deployment of LRHW fire units for the army.

"Under the new contract, Lockheed Martin will provide additional LRHW battery equipment, systems and software engineering support, and logistics solutions to the Army," the company noted.

Lockheed Martin Space, headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama, secured the contract modification, designated as "PZ0014," under the existing contract "W31P4Q-23-C-0008."

The awarded sum will facilitate the production and delivery of LRHW "ground support equipment" essential for the successful operation of the hypersonic weapon system.

The work under the contract will predominantly take place in Huntsville with an anticipated completion date of Feb. 28, 2028.

Funding for the contract, totaling $275,270,424, is drawn from fiscal "2023 missile procurement" funds allocated by the army.

The Army Contracting Command, based at Redstone Arsenal, Alabama, oversees the contracting activity for the initiative.

The investment underscores the US Army's commitment to enhancing its capabilities through the development and deployment of advanced hypersonic weapon systems, bolstering its readiness and effectiveness in addressing emerging threats.

Source: AA

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