WB Group.. Get to know Poland's largest private defense company!

WB Group is an international arms manufacturer, and it considered as Poland’s biggest private defense company.

"WB Group manufactures a variety of products ranging from; fire control systems for artillery, communications systems and also modern UAV and loitering munition solutions," Marcin Maciejewski, the Director of Autonomous Combat Systems Department at WB Group, stated in an interview with defensehere.com.

WB Group introduces an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), under the name of FLYEYE. "FLYEYE is a battle proven system provided for surveillance and reconnaissance missions. It has unique features; 3 hours of flight, battlefield proven electronic warfare resistance radio," Maciejewski clarified.

WB Group also provides loitering munition systems, meaning kamikaze drones, which are dedicated to strike against wide range of targets like; light armored targets, or even tanks and armored vehicles.

"We provide them to five customers around the world, one of them was Turkey and we provided them with such systems five years ago," Maciejewski stated.

Talking about the company’s loitering munition systems, Maciejewski said "We present here two versions of WARMATE; one is dedicate to be carried by troops and the other one is tube launch," adding "The is a version of the system to be built, to be carried by different types of platforms; like ground vehicle, where we are developing this project with Rheinmetall Canada, where 6 tube launchers are located on an unmanned mission master ground vehicle."

"We also develop this solution for customer who want to put this on naval ships and also this dedicated be carried by unmanned and manned bigger platforms like bigger UAVs," he added.

"Our loitering munitions are very unique, they very precious devices, we provide them with automatic tracking and aiming system, which is based on video image, so they work like fire and forget missiles. They are cheaper than missile, but more effective with precision of 1.5 CEP meter," Maciejewski explained.

WB Group.. Get to know Poland's largest defense company

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