Why you shall still consider F-15 in 2024 and beyond

“The F-15 is the best combination of payload, range, and power. It's an unsurpassed air to air combat aircraft, but it also has the ability to to put munitions where you need to put them in order to accomplish your requirements,” said Rick Lemaster, Senior Director Middle East, Africa & Turkey Business Development at Boeing Defense Space & Security.

According to Boeing the F-15EX has a payload capacity of 29,500 lbs (13,300 kg) – including outsized weapons which when combined with range, contemporary sensors and an advanced electronic warfare suite, presents peer adversaries with multiple challenges both inside and outside of threat rings.

Lemaster also added “When you see the aircraft fly out there, you can see how well the fly by wire characteristics allow that aircraft to be flown by our pilots.”

Talking about Boeing’s existence in the middle east and its relationship with the countries of the region, Lemaster said “It is really working out very well. I think the partnership is something that we really value here in the Middle East and whether it's here in the Emirates or in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia or in Egypt or Jordan or Oman or Bahrain. We have relationships in all of those countries, and we really value our opportunity to be able to work with them to satisfy their security needs.”

Finally, he commented on whether Egypt and other countries still consider the F-15 in 2024 and beyond saying “We're very interested in talking to other militaries here about this aircraft, and we think it's a good fit for most of them. I think from our perspective, F-15 would be a great fit for what Egypt is looking to do in the area where they're located. The range and the speed and the power of the F-15 is unmatched. It is the best aircraft for what they're what I would expect their requirements would have them doing.”

Why you shall still consider F-15 in 2024 and beyond

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