ASELSAN Concludes the First Half of 2023 with Positive Financial Results

ASELSAN has released its financial performance report for the initial half of 2023. During this period, the company achieved a 42% surge in profits and witnessed a remarkable 67% escalation in half-year revenue, amounting to 18.1 billion TL, as compared to the corresponding span in the prior year.

Comparatively, the company's gross profit surged by 68% when juxtaposed with the first half of the preceding year. Moreover, the Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization (EBITDA) soared by 62%, reaching 4.4 billion TL. The EBITDA margin attained 24%. Additionally, ASELSAN witnessed a 42% enhancement in its net profit from the parallel period last year, reaching 5.4 billion TL. The equity-to-assets ratio of the company stood at 51%.

Ahmet Akyol, ASELSAN's CEO, emphasized the continuous sustainable growth of the company. Regarding ASELSAN's financial outcomes for the initial half of the year, Akyol remarked:

"Dedicated to Value-Added Export"

"Our ASELSAN continued to achieve new milestones in the initial half of this year. Based on the financial results, we have effectively concluded the first half of 2023 with remarkable profitability and achievements. Throughout the first half of 2023, during which we also inked fresh agreements, ASELSAN's order backlog surged to 8.4 billion US dollars. In the initial six months of 2023, our payments to suppliers reached around 17.8 billion TL. We accomplished the successful domestication of 68 products within the same period. As we maintain our leadership in military technology for Türkiye, we have elevated the tally of nationalized products over the past five years to 738, thereby securing a substantial value of over 900 million dollars to remain within our nation.

Simultaneously, we concluded noteworthy export agreements over the previous half-year. I am confident that the favorable impacts of these agreements will materialize in the upcoming phases. Moving forward, our objectives encompass amplifying our exports, prioritizing advanced technology, and attaining an elevated level of domestic production.

"Our Nation's Strength in Sustainability"

As our stable growth journey persists, we remain a pillar of sustainable strength for Türkiye. Hence, we adopt the vision of being a company dedicated to sustainable growth, preferred and relied upon for its competitiveness, environmental and social conscientiousness, and the capacity to play significant roles across diverse domains of life through our cutting-edge technologies. Simultaneously, while assuming crucial responsibilities across multiple spheres with our advanced technologies, we prioritize sustainability. Through our highly competitive solutions, catered both locally and internationally, we will make substantial contributions towards our nation's value-added export aspirations. With the vigor derived from our people, we will persist in pioneering national projects."

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