U.S. police dept opts Turkish Special Forces pistol by Sarsılmaz

Sarsılmaz, one of the largest arms manufacturers in Türkiye and Europe with over 150 years of expertise, has achieved another international milestone.

The SAR9 SOCOM pistol model, part of the SAR9 product family and twice awarded as the Pistol of the Year in the U.S., originally designed for Turkish Special Forces, has been adopted as one of the duty weapons by the Galveston Police Department in Texas, the U.S.

The SAR9 SOCOM 9 mm pistol inherits the robust design of the SAR9, renowned as one of the most rigorously tested firearms globally, engineered to fulfill the requirements of special forces operating in extreme conditions.

Officers from the Galveston Police Department in Texas recently received their duty pistols and put them through their paces at the department's firing range. Commending their new service sidearm, the SAR9 SOCOM, the officers expressed their confidence and satisfaction in serving with a pistol they can rely on.

Doug Balli, the department's chief of police, lauded the SAR9 SOCOM for its exceptional shooting comfort.

Emphasizing that more than 300 military and civilian models developed by Sarsılmaz are preferred by the armed forces, law enforcement agencies, and civilian users in more than 80 countries, Sarsılmaz Board of Directors Chairperson Latif Aral Aliş said: “We are pleased that the SAR9 SOCOM was selected as one of the five duty weapons of the Texas police department. The fact that a part of the U.S. police force will use this special weapon is a very strong motivation.”

He also deemed the U.S. market as one of the most important civilian markets, saying that they have decided to start production in the U.S. and are rapidly establishing the production line. Aliş added that plans to expand to the entire American continent as they see very important potential in South America.

SAR USA, the distributor of Sarsılmaz in the U.S., stated that the selection of the SAR9 SOCOM as one of the duty weapons of the Galveston Police Department in Texas means that another important threshold has been crossed in the US market. The officials from the company said: “Since 2017, we have brought together the advanced technology products of Sarsılmaz Weapons Industry, Türkiye’s and the world's leading firearms manufacturer, mainly with civilian gun enthusiasts in the U.S.”

“Our current goal is to make Sarsılmaz weapons the first choice of police departments in the U.S., as in Türkiye, through our work with U.S. police organizations,” they added.

Tailored for special tasks

The SAR9 SOCOM is produced for special forces and was designed based on Türkiye's first domestic pistol SAR9. It is notable for its high-level technical features. The SAR9 SOCOM is now available for sale in Türkiye under the name SAR9 SP.

Developed by Sarsılmaz to meet the requirements of the Special Forces Command and incorporated into the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF), the SAR9 SP model serves as the foundation for the SAR9 SOCOM. This model combines durability with precision. In addition to its standard features, the SAR9 SOCOM boasts all the superior attributes of the SAR9 series, including options for 17 and 21 round magazines, silencer attachment capability, an elevated front sight, a front sight optimized for practical use, a magazine guide (magwell), a lanyard loop, a Picatinny rail suitable for various accessories, and a cooling channel ensuring maximum performance during continuous firing.

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  1. I bought a sar 9, it shoots very accurate and is very reliable. The only thing I see wrong with it is the magazine spring needs to be replaced more often than other pistols. I replaced my spring with a Wolff company spring and that solved the problem. I like this pistol for shooting comfort. I would put this pistol up against all others for comfort, shoot abilitie, and it’s very reliable.


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