Kral Arms puts sleek new compact pistol on sale at MKE

Central Türkiye-based firearms manufacturer, Kral Arms, in collaboration with the Machinery and Chemical Industry Corporation (MKE) of Türkiye, has put its latest offering, the KR9, a domestically produced compact 9x19mm pistol on the market.

Crafted with a steel slide and aluminum body, the KR9 boasts both durability and lightweight design.

Featuring an interchangeable grip system, the KR9 allows users to customize the pistol to fit their hands and preferences perfectly.

With a magazine capacity of 7+1 rounds, the KR9 ensures users have an ample supply of ammunition while delivering effective performance across various scenarios.

Weighing merely 480 grams when unloaded, this 9x19mm caliber pistol is lightweight, tipping the scales at 624 grams when loaded.

Its portability ensures ease of carry and comfortable use over extended periods.

Kral Arms has tested the KR9's resilience under diverse conditions, proving its reliability even in extreme weather and environmental conditions.

Safety features such as the double-sided safety and needle safety mechanisms prioritize user safety. Despite its compact barrel length of 82mm and modest height, the KR9 delivers impressive accuracy and shooting performance. Additionally, its single trigger system enhances precision and control for users.

With the KR9, Kral Arms reaffirms its position as among the industry leaders, offering pistol enthusiasts a blend of quality, safety, and performance. This latest model is engineered to surpass the expectations of firearm enthusiasts.

Now available at MKE, the KR9 presents firearm aficionados with a high-quality and dependable option. With its innovative design and superior features, the KR9 aims to exceed the demands of pistol enthusiasts.

The price for the KR9, available in four distinct color options, has been set at TL14,000 ($434).

For purchase, click here: KR9

About Kral Arms:

Established in 1997 and headquartered in the Üzümlü neighborhood of Konya's Beyşehir district, Kral Arms specializes in the production of smoothbore shotguns, air target rifles, rifled rifles, and pistols. Boasting more than 250 employees and two facilities spanning over 40,000 m2, Kral Arms has emerged as a global leader in the firearms industry.

With a comprehensive production infrastructure including over 100 CNC machines, wood and metalworking capabilities, plastic and metal injection molding, welding, machining, barrel drilling, laser marking, camouflage applications, assembly, quality control, testing, and R&D, Kral Arms conducts 99% of its production in-house.

An export-oriented entity, Kral Arms ships 99% of its products to over 80 countries worldwide. Renowned for their superior quality and competitive pricing, Kral Arms products enjoy widespread acclaim globally. Through its production capabilities, skilled workforce, and track record of success, Kral Arms continues to distinguish itself within the industry.

Kral Arms puts sleek new compact pistol on sale at MKE


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