Ayhan Şentürk gives insight into the activities of Profen Defense

Profen has become a global company that offers products and services in fields such as Communication Technologies, Defense Technologies, Teleport & Satellite Network Services, Media & Broadcasting, EPC and Life Sciences sectors within its different group companies.

Headquartered in Istanbul, Profen develops innovative and high-tech solutions worldwide with offices in Ankara, Konya and abroad in Baku and Twekesbury (England).

Profen Defense Technologies Business Development Manager Ayhan Şentürk evaluated the company's work in the field of defense, its products and the recently launched Ozan Mine Detector on Defensehere.com:

"Our company, Profen Group, which was established in 1995, is a company operating especially in the field of defense and security technologies. We are located in Ankara. Our prominent products are satellite ground systems and satellite communication technologies in the radio frequency field. In this context, one of the terminals called Manpack in English, which can be carried on a pack. We design, manufacture, install and provide after-sales services for systems up to 7.3 meters large satellite earth systems and satellite earth stations.

But of course we are an engineering company. Therefore, we develop the software and mechanical systems required by these satellite ground systems as much as possible with our own means.

In this context, we especially highlight our Visiomax and Visionic software.

Visionic is our monitor control management software. It is a software that we have all the source code of which is written by our own software engineers, each line of code.

Of course, the feature of this is that we have the following software code, so we have developed a software that is completely flexible and adaptable in accordance with customer requests.

Similarly, Visiomax is a maintenance management software. It is used for the planning, execution and follow-up of maintenance processes of complex systems.

In the same way, this software has been developed entirely by our software engineers, who have contributed to each line of code.

Apart from that, I would like to talk about the Ozan Mine Detector, which we launched very recently and added to our inventory. The feature that makes Ozan special is this; extremely light 1.5 kg, it is a very light product powered by 8 AA size normal commercial batteries. It has an endurance of 8 hours. It is designed to be lightweight and easy to use. It is designed in such a way that the personnel serving in the Armed Forces can use it for very long periods of time."

Ayhan Şentürk, Profen Savunma'nın faaliyetlerini anlattı

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