Belgium to send F-16s to Ukraine: Premier

Belgium will send F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine before year's-end, said the nation’s prime minister on Friday.

Speaking at a news conference alongside Defense Minister Ludivine Dedonder, Alexander De Croo said that the cost of the fighter jets will be paid with frozen Russian assets.

Highlighting that there are many frozen Russian assets in Belgium, De Croo stressed that they use the interest from these assets for Ukrainians to defend against Russia, underlining that the planes in question will not be paid for by Belgian taxpayers.

Delivery 'as soon as possible'

Although the number of fighter jets and the delivery date were not specified, Dedonder said the deliveries would take place "as soon as possible."

Emphasizing that the decision does not put the country's security at risk, she underscored that they would strive to deliver the planes to Ukraine prior to the year's end.

Foreign Minister Hadja Lahbib announced the decision on X, saying: "Belgium will strengthen Ukraine's defense by sending F-16s and additional funds."

"The Ukrainians need help to protect their vital infrastructure. 97% of Russian attacks target civilian buildings," she added, underlining that "helping Ukraine" means "protecting ourselves."

Source: AA

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