CANiK exhibits products at HuntEX fair in South Africa

CANiK, a firearms manufacturer operating under Samsun Yurt Savunma (SYS), participated in the Hunting and Shooting Fair HuntEX held in South Africa on April 26-28.

CANiK continues to lead the small arms market in South Africa, on the heels of the USA, Saudi Arabia and Germany.

CANiK participated in the HuntEX fair held in Midrand, where it exhibited its latest and innovative products. In South Africa, one of its strongest markets, CANiK achieved a significant success last year by increasing its sales figures 11 times compared to 2022. Continuing its efforts to increase this figure even further this year, CANiK showcased its CANiK TTI Combat product, which was launched in the USA and Europe, for the South African market at HuntEX. The RUGBY SFT pistol, designed by CANiK specifically for the South African National Rugby Team, was also among the prominent products at the fair.

"We are met with a growing interest every year"

Commenting on the fair, Didem Aral, Member of the Board of Directors of CANiK, said:
"As CANiK, we are further increasing our effectiveness in the markets we dominate with our latest and innovative products. In the last year, thanks to our systematic marketing activities in South Africa, we have recorded a significant increase in sales figures compared to previous years. Last year, we said that this was just the beginning and that we had a team that knew exactly what to do. We have proved this with the results we have achieved. We continue our collaborations and intensive promotional activities. We are met with a growing interest here every year. This makes us very proud. In the coming period, we will continue to contribute to our country's exports and multiply our strength by successfully representing Türkiye abroad."

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