Cooperation meeting between Ukraine and HAVELSAN

HAVELSAN Operations and International Business Development Deputy General Manager Şevket Ünal met with the Ambassador of Ukraine, Andrii Sybiha at the embassy building in Ankara.

After the meeting, Ambassador Sybiha said in a statement on his Twitter account: "We talked with HAVELSAN's management, one of Turkey's most powerful companies in the defense industry field, about ways to strengthen cooperation and joint projects with Ukrainian partners. Cooperation in the military and technical fields is one of the basic elements of strategic partnership."

On August 19, ambassador Sybiha tweeted about the 7 Turkish companies who took place among the top 100 defense companies: "We congratulate our friends for their well-deserved appreciation in the field of respectable and high military technology production. This situation reveals that successful defense sector management is respected in the international arena. We are stronger together."

HAVELSAN is now among the 7 Turkish defense companies that entered the world’s top 100.

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