Czech Republic introduces a new sub-sonic Jet engine in IDEF2021

PBS, a pioneering engineering company based in Czech Republic, introduced today a new sub-sonic Jet engine at the International Defence industry Fair IDEF 2021.

The new engine launch was attended by Filip Říha, Deputy Minister - Head of the Armaments and Acquisition Division of the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic, and Pavel Vacek, the Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Turkey.  

The new sub-sonic jet engine PBS TJ80M is designed for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), primarily target drones and disposable applications. The Engine’s main advantage is the excellent thrust to weight ratio of 1,200 N at 12.8 kg including accessories.

In an interview with, the Global Sales Manager of PBS Zdenek Pavlik mentioned the following: 

“Let me start with IDEF, it is a great opportunity for us to exhibit here, because Turkey is a big country and big partner in the region and it can influence a lot of things around the world, so we are happy to stay here and show our products .

We are producers of aerospace devices, we produce turbojet engines, we produce APUs which means "auxiliary power unit aircraft".

We produce also conditioning systems for helicopters and all of our systems are used widely in aviation technology all around the world. 

Today as you could see we have baptized our new engine, new modification of engine, which is called TJ80M. 

The engine has specially been developed to increase thrust by 1/3 which is very significant increase, the increase is from 900 N to 1200 N and it should be our sales point for customers not only here in Turkey, but around the world."

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