Defense Logistic Support Summit opens on doors on 7 December in Ankara

Powerhouses of the Turkish defense industry will be meeting in Ankara on December 7-8, at the Defense Logistic Support Summit, which will debut this year with the support of Presidency of the Republic of Turkey Presidency of Defense Industries. 

It is expected that around 200 thousand visitors will attend DLSS during these two days. Defense industry professionals, policy makers, military personnel, and academicians will get together in DLSS.

Land vehicles and subsystems, land and air transportation, weapon systems, subsystems and ammunition, rocket and missile systems, laser and guidance systems with electro optics and electronic systems, electronic warfare systems, discovery, surveillance and border security, communication, information and software systems, logistics, maintenance, repair and engineering services, military textile, boots and camouflage, ballistic and calibration systems, CBRN systems, R&D, and combat support services will be some of the sectors that will attend DLSS. 

DLSS will take a range of Covid-19 precautions for the safety and health of the speakers, participants , and visitors. More info on DLSS, which will be held in Hilton Garden Inn Hotel, İs available on


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