Exclusive interview: Future projects of Navantia

In an interview with Defensehere.com, the director of Navantia Türkiye Alfonso Valea introduced some of the company's projects in Türkiye.

Signing the final contact for the construction of the ship in May 2015, Navantia took part in the building of the TCG Anadolu vessel by providing the design, the engine, and the control system of the ship.

Commissioning the ship on 10 April 2023, the Spanish company pledges to provide full support to the Turkish Navy in all the maintenance processes of the vessel, as Valea stated.

He also mentioned that they’re ready to participate in new opportunities like a second unit for the Turkish navy or other programs like a new submarine.

Alfonso Valea also said the following about the future of the company in Türkiye:

“The interest of Navantia is not only finished with this program. We would like to establish here, a Turkish company, like Navantia office, but with the Turkish people working for Navantia. So, this is our main goal. We are working hard with the authorities to get more opportunities for us.”

Exclusive interview: Future projects of Navantia

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