Fincantieri launches 2nd logistic support vessel for Italian Navy

Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri on Saturday has launched the LSS “Atlante,” the second logistic support ship in the Italian Navy's extensive fleet renewal initiative.

The launching ceremony was held at the Castellammare di Stabia shipyard and the development follows the successful delivery of its sister ship, the Vulcano, in 2021.

Pierroberto Folgiero, CEO of Fincantieri, expressed pride in the project, saying, “The Atlante represents a flagship of these 'well-proven' platforms, sought after internationally, and primarily signifies the history of Fincantieri and the strength of its workforce. With its military and civil expertise, the Castellammare shipyard stands and will remain at the heart of our industrial plan, with the goal of its further implementation. The Navy's defense spending means protecting borders, commerce, sea beds, deterrence, and offensive and defensive capabilities.”

The ceremony was attended by notable figures, including Chairman Claudio Graziano, General Manager of the Naval Vessels Division Dario Deste, and the Navy’s Chief of Staff, Rear Admiral Enrico Credendino. Joackim Sucker, Director of OCCAR, and Admiral Chief Inspector Giuseppe Abbamonte, Director of the Naval Armaments Directorate - NAVARM, were also present.

Graziano highlighted the strategic importance of the new vessels, noting, “The new units have operational capabilities in various maritime sectors, from defending vital interests to Euro-Atlantic spaces. They play a crucial role in contributing to international security, a topic of great relevance when considering the geopolitical landscape.”

The LSS Atlante is a logistic support vessel with hospital and medical capabilities. It can transport and transfer both liquid cargo, like diesel oil, aviation fuel, and fresh water, and solid cargo such as spare parts, food, and ammunition to other naval units, while also conducting repair and maintenance at sea.

The ship is equipped with defense systems providing command and control capabilities in tactical scenarios, as well as communications and non-lethal deterrent systems. It can also support more advanced defense systems and intelligence and electronic warfare equipment.

Weighing around 27,000 tonnes and measuring 193 meters in length, the LSS can achieve speeds of approximately 20 knots.

It can house 235 crew members and specialists, and it is outfitted for rescue operations at sea, including the recovery of vehicles and materials from both the surface and the seabed.

The ship also serves as a base for rescue operations conducted by helicopters and special boats.

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