FNSS' Armored Marine Assault Vehicle (MAV) completes mine and ballistic tests

FNSS Defense completes Mine and ballistic tests of the Armored Marine Assault Vehicle (MAV).

Presidency of Defense Industries head İsmail Demir shared on his Twitter account: "The Marine Assault Vehicle MAV, which instills trust in friends and fear in the enemy, is preparing to fulfill the tasks assigned to it. It has completed its mine and ballistic tests."

Demir stated that MAV's reliability and maintainability tests continues to go on with land and sea trials.

The first prototype of MAV, which started development after the Presidency of Defense Industries and FNSS signed a contract on March 7, 2017, was exhibited for the first time at the 14th International Defense Industry Fair IDEF'19.

MAV is planned to enter the inventory of the Turkish Naval Forces in 2022.

Marine Assault Vehicle (MAV)

The Armored Marine Assault Vehicle (MAV) was designed by FNSS, taking into account the operational concept and mission needs of the Turkish Naval Forces.

MAV is a vehicle capable of covering the distance between the ship and the shore as quickly as possible during an amphibious landing operation. During the landing phase of the operation, it can be deployed from landing ships and cover the distance to the shore at high speed, ensuring that the troops land in a short time under protection and with fire support.

The hull design to reduce resistance in the water and powerful water jets give MAV high maneuverability at sea with a maximum speed of 7 knots. MAV, which reaches a maximum speed of 70 km/h on land, can climb 60% steep slopes, and can hold on 40% side slopes, can easily pass 90 cm steep obstacles and 2 m ditches.

MAV has high firepower with its remote-controlled turret with 12.7 mm machine gun and 40 mm Automatic Grenade Launcher.

It has four different configurations: Personnel Carrier, Command Vehicle, Rescue Vehicle, and Mine Clearing Vehicle.

Developed to cope with the difficult conditions it may encounter on the battlefield, MAV has successfully passed its qualification trials so far.

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