FNSS delivers new amphibious vehicles to the Turkish Naval Forces

To address the need of the marine assault vehicle for the Turkish Naval Forces, the ZAHA Marine Assault Vehicle, developed within the scope of the project where the procuring activities were realized by the Presidency of Defense Industry, is being delivered to the Amphibious Marine Brigade of the Turkish Naval Forces.

FNSS will deliver 27 vehicles in total which are 23 personnel carrier, 2 command and control and 2 rescue vehicles. Zaha has a higher ballistic and mine protection than its counterparts and is equipped with today’s most advanced mission equipment.

In the ZAHA project, Turkish domestic resources were used for the sub-system procurements like in-vehicle communication and communication with other vehicles, communication with amphibious assault ship (LHD) TCG Anadolu and many sub-systems were localized within the project.

ZAHA is superior among its counterparts in

• The number of staff in the vehicle,
• The levels of ballistic and mine protection,
• Remote controlled armament
• On land and in water performance criteria

ÇAKA Remote Controlled Gun Turret, designed specifically for ZAHA by FNSS, finds its place among Turkiye's domestic weapon systems. “ÇAKA Remote Controlled Gun Turret” is named after the great Turkish sailor Çaka bey and will be the striking power of ZAHA that will be under the command of Turkish marines. ZAHA, the fastest amphibious vehicle that Turkish armed forces will have, will contain all the features and capabilities of a military ground vehicle as well as military marine vessel by balancing land and sea requirements according to its mission definition.

Turkish defense industry continues to make important breakthroughs with ZAHA, which is the first and only personnel carrier vehicle designed for both sea and land found in the inventory of Turkish Armed Forces and is also the first and only national amphibious vehicle that can correct itself in case of capsizing and can operate in hard sea conditions.

FNSS delivers new amphibious vehicles to the Turkish Naval Forces

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