FNSS' heavy-class unmanned ground vehicle SHADOW RIDER

The heavy-class unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) SHADOW RIDER, developed by FNSS with remote control and autonomous driving modes, was exhibited for the first time at IDEF 2021.

The UGV exhibited its features at the Unmanned Ground Vehicles and Military Robotic Technologies Ceremony held on November 9, 2021, at the main campus of FNSS in Ankara.


The SHADOW RIDER was designed as an autonomous unmanned ground vehicle to meet missions such as fire support, reconnaissance and surveillance, logistical support, tactical deception, fortification reconnaissance, communication relay, military evacuation, with its design that allows the integration of useful payloads suitable for the task.

SHADOW RIDER family of modular autonomous unmanned ground vehicles have a range of 450 km and is powered by a diesel engine.

It can reach 50 km/h on a flat and asphalt road, it can traverse 60% steep slopes and 30% side slopes, it can cross 60 cm high obstacles and 160 cm long ditches.

The SHADOW RIDER vehicle family, which has a useful load carrying capacity of 4500 kg, also offers optional manned use.

FNSS' heavy-class unmanned ground vehicle SHADOW RIDER

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