FNSS's marine assault vehicle MAV

The Marine Assault Vehicle (MAV), developed locally by FNSS to meet the needs of the Turkish Naval Forces Command, is actively used by the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF).

MAV, which entered the TAF inventory in March 2023, not only ensures the safe landing of troops on the shore in landing operations, but also can serve as an armored combat vehicle or armored personnel carrier after disembarking.

During the landing phase of the operation, the vehicles descend into the sea from the docked landing ships docked on the shore and cover a distance of several kilometers at high speed, allowing the troops to land as soon as possible under protection. On land, it can operate side by side with other armored vehicles.

The MAV Project was initiated with the contract signed between the Presidency of Defense Industries and FNSS in March 2017.

The MAV concept was first introduced in November 2018 at the Indo Defence Expo & Forum 2018 in Indonesia. The launch of the preliminary prototype of the vehicle was made for the first time in the 14th century. It was showcased at the International Defense Industry Fair IDEF 2019.

FNSS is also conducting export-oriented negotiations with many countries interested in MAV. MAV, where the company also started its promotional and marketing activities, was exhibited abroad for the first time at the fair in Indonesia in November 2022.

FNSS's marine assault vehicle MAV

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