FNSS's vehicle was used in the TAF's "training on crossing still waters"

The Turkish Armed Forces' (TAF) " Crossing Still Waters Training" used the Otter Rapid Deployable Amphibious Wet Gap Crossing System manufactured by FNSS.

The 2nd Corps Rampier Regimental Commandry and the 18th Mechanized Infantry Brigade Commandry carried out " Crossing Still Waters Training " in order to improve their engineering capabilities.

Otter Rapid Deployable Amphibious Wet Gap Crossing System

Being the only 8x8 vehicle in its class in the market today, the OTTER has unprecedented redundancy, operational capability in soft soil, cross-country mobility and amphibious performance.

Exceptional road and off-road performance: its all-wheel 8x8 driveline, central tire inflation and adjustable ride height control features provide an incomparable off-road driving performance and speed especially on loose, muddy and rough terrains. The ability to operate in soft soils allows for significantly less preparation on riverbanks to enter and exit the water. The all-wheel-steering feature minimizes the vehicle’s turning radius. The vertical obstacle and trench crossing capabilities are also superior due to the shorter distance between axles in the 8x8 concept. Moreover, the 8x8 configuration gives a maximum axle load of around 9 tons, the significantly low ground pressure providing longer wheel life due to less wear. The OTTER can cope with 60% gradient and 30% side slopes.

360° manoeuvres in high river currents: the OTTER system has two water pump jets that provide advanced water operation capabilities enabling the vehicle to carry out 360° manoeuvres within high river currents such as pivot turns and side moves. During water operations the axles are retracted in order to decrease the water drag.

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