France evaluates EBRC Jaguar reconnaissance vehicles fitted with wire cage armor

Nexter tweeted on June 15 that the STAT (Section Technique de l’Armée de Terre, Technical Section of the Ground Force) of the French Army has started its evaluation of the EBRC Jaguar. The pictures show the Jaguar fitted with wire cage armor. It also seems that it is the first time the inside of the turret is publicly unveiled.

In December 2020, the DGA (Direction Générale de l’Armement) went further in testing the Jaguar EBRC (Engin Blindé de Reconnaissance et de Combat, Reconnaissance and Combat Armored Vehicle) including all-terrain trials and weapon firing tests using the 40mm cannon. Now, the STAT is taking over with its own evaluation process.

The Jaguar is one of the vehicles of the Scorpion program of the French Army. It will replace the AMX-10RC, the ERC-90 Sagaie and the VAB Hot in service with the French Army. The program includes the delivery of 248 Jaguar EBRCs to the French Army.

The Jaguar is manufactured by the GME, a consortium formed by the French companies Nexter Systems, Arquus, and Thales. On 6 December 2014, the French Minister of Defense announced the first order of 20 Jaguar vehicles and, in September 2020, 42 additional vehicles were ordered for the French Army. In total the French Army plans to acquire 300 Jaguars.

Let’s recall that the Belgian army has also ordered the Jaguar, in 60 units, in the framework of the CAMO program (Capacité Motorisée Motorized Capability) that aims to establish a partnership with France, based on identical combat vehicles. Under this partnership, Belgium and France will share a common organization, training programs, and logistical support.

Source: army recognition

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