French aerospace company to prioritize production of Rafale jets

French aircraft manufacturer Dassault Aviation said Tuesday that it will prioritize the production of Rafale fighter jets in the near future to meet new orders.

Chief Executive Officer Eric Trappier said the company’s supply meets the needs of armies.

Trappier said the Rafale jets provide an alternative in favor of France for those who do not wish to buy Russian and US aircraft, BFMTV reported.

Saying they have orders until 2032, he noted that they will focus on stepping up production of Rafale warplanes.

The Future Combat Air System (FCAS), the European air defense system that Germany, France and Spain are working together on, is another long-term goal of the company, he added.

The FCAS is set to enter into service in 2040.

Recently, India announced that it would buy 26 Rafale aircraft, while Indonesia said that it had ordered 18 Rafale jets.

Source: AA

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