Germany to give Ukraine Skynex air defense systems: Report

Germany will supply Ukraine with two Skynex mobile air defense systems, according to a local media report on Friday.

The systems will be purchased from the German manufacturer Rheinmetall for nearly €194 million ($204 million), the Handelsblatt newspaper reported.

Rheinmetall has confirmed it will be supplying “an international customer” with two Skynex air defense systems, without disclosing the recipient country.

“The systems will enhance the customer’s ability to defend itself against aerial threats,” Rheinmetall said in a statement, adding that they will be delivered at the beginning of 2024.

Skynex mobile air defense systems are capable of engaging aircraft, cruise missiles, and small-to-large tactical drones, according to the company, and are ideal for protecting vital military and civil infrastructure.

Germany has been a staunch ally of Ukraine in its war with Russia, and has pledged to provide €2 billion ($2.11 billion) worth of arms and equipment that will be purchased this year from German defense companies.

Source: AA

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