GM Defense redefines what an armored vehicle is for future battlefield

GM defense, GM's arms subsidiary to develop military purpose applications, introduces a new series hybrid tactical vehicle calling it their next generation.

In interview with, the vice president for business development for integrated vehicles at GM Defense, Pete Johnson, mentioned their infantry squad vehicles are currently in use by the United States Army, underlining that it is the first product of record that they have with the United States Army.

Johnson added that the these vehicles are fielded by the light forces, paratroop forces and the rapid deployment forces forces of the US Army.

Building on that, he said that at GM Defense they are currently working on their next generation tactical vehicle which will be a series hybrid vehicle.

“So, we see we're trying to take the vision of GM, which is a more electric, autonomous, and connected future and bringing that to the military for purpose. Why does the military want to be more electric? Because it'll make them better. It enhances their operational capability. They have the ability to reduce their thermal and their acoustic signature,” He illustrated.

He also explained that the new vehicle will be able to be used in silent drive mode which will allow using it in silent watch missions while maintaining mission power and export power, adding “The off-road performance of electric vehicles is also very significant”.

Johnson also mentioned that the next vehicle will directly result in reduction of logistics, explaining that with series hybrid vehicle the user gets great sustainment benefit by reducing fuel demand while gaining that advantage of having the option to recapitalize that fuel to use in other military purposes.

GM Defense redefines what an armored vehicle is for future battle field

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