HAVELSAN provides scenario and infrastructure support to NATO's cyber security exercise

The Locked Shields 2024 exercise, which was coordinated by the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (CCDCOE) with the aim of creating a "cyber shield" against malicious attempts, was held in Tallinn, Estonia.

HAVELSAN cyber security experts participated in the world's most advanced real-time cyber defense exercise. Experts in the 'Green Team' of the NATO Locked Shields 2024 exercise provided scenario and infrastructure support in the fields of "cyber security of artificial intelligence" and "advanced malware analysis".

In the exercise, which brought together more than 4 thousand cyber security experts from more than 40 countries, defense scenarios for cyber attacks against critical digital infrastructures were tested.

Scenario and infrastructure support for the exercise

In Locked Shields 2024, the world's most advanced real-time cyber defense exercise, HAVELSAN experts provided scenario and infrastructure support on "cyber security of artificial intelligence" and "advanced malware analysis" as a NATO CCDCOE stakeholder.

Defending against cyber attacks

Exercise Locked Shield has been held annually since 2010 under the coordination of the NATO Cyber Defense Center of Excellence. The exercise allows cyber security experts to hone their skills in defending national information technology systems and critical infrastructure under real-time attacks.

Simulating cyber incident complexity

Focusing on realistic scenarios, state-of-the-art technologies and simulating the full complexity of a major cyber incident, including strategic decision-making, legal and communications considerations, the Locked Shield Exercise sees teams take on the role of 'National Cyber Incident Response Teams' tasked to help address the full consequences of a large-scale cyber incident against a fictional country. Teams participating in the exercise are expected to be effective in reporting incidents, implementing strategic decisions and resolving judicial, legal and media challenges.

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